How can I fix the error?
2011-04-27 22:29:52 UTC
I got an error message saying System32.EXE is missing.
Four answers:
2011-04-28 10:28:38 UTC
Getting System32 Error is surely a signal that your registry is corrupted

Has your PC been affected by windows system32 exe? Do you receive an error stating “Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\System32.exe”, when booting Windows XP or any other version of windows? If yes, then you had been infected by a virus and you have to fix it.

below are two sites I found that can help you fix the problem

hope it helps
2011-04-27 23:14:28 UTC
It's Not a Valid Windows File, System32 is a system folder.

So you have a Virus/Malware...Reading More..

It May Be A Keylogger.. So Get rid of it asap.
2011-04-27 22:36:44 UTC
It's fairly difficult to fix those errors. One easy way to get you computer going is to reinstall windows.
2011-04-27 22:36:31 UTC
need to reinstall or recover your computer some program could not run normally

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